The Real Guide To Playing Hard To Get

Playing hard to get can give you an air of mystery, allure, and intrigue. These three things are key in getting men to be interested in you casually. If you’re going to look for men at the bar, go ahead and be a little coy and aloof? Don’t know how? At the end of the day, it’s a pretty simple formula and also pretty easy to keep up. For practice, get good tips that show you how to work cams sites like this excellent outline here which is a good manual for getting more out of your experience. You’ll see it will help. Distance, Avoidance, And Ignoring The first step to playing hard to get is to be very avoiding of their advances. When you have a could-be partner waiting in line for you, make them wait. If they send you a text, don’t answer for an hour. If they try to make plans with you, put it off for […]

How to Tell Your Partner You Don’t like Their Idea of Romance


Candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach, watching the sunset together, paired with the essential red roses. These are all the staples of romantic dates. Most of you would have been on dates like this, or have planned dates like these for your partners. If you enjoyed these kind of dates, then good for you! Your partner’s efforts paid off. But what if you detest the cliché ideas of romance; of red roses and diamond rings and sunsets at the beach? It is hard, to break it to your partner that what they like romantically isn’t doing a thing for you. The situation may be reversed: you like roses and sunsets, but your partner’s idea of a romantic night is sitting at home in their underwear while watching Criminal Minds. How do you let your significant other know that you don’t like their idea of romance? We have a few tips. Tell Them about It This seems really obvious, but […]

The Key to Avoiding the Friendzone


The friendzone is the dreaded place that most men go to romantically die. You’ve found a woman that you really like, but somehow along the way you became more of a brother or girlfriend than a prospective mate. How did that happen? It’s a subtle change that most guys don’t even notice. But truth be told it happens all within the first date. That’s right, you’re behind and she’s already decided that you can see her naked because it’s like you’re one of the girls. Forget that. The next time you have a date set up follow these steps and keep yourself out of the friendzone. Declare Your Intent Asking her out for a cup of coffee sometime seems like a smooth, casual way to ask her out. That’s great, except for you’re not asking her out on a date. While you may think that your intentions sound crystal clear, in actuality you’re just asking her to hang out. Who […]

Quick Ways to Make Time for Your Significant Other


Life can be so hectic sometimes that it can seem impossible to be able to make time for anything, but especially for your significant other. Since that is probably one of the most important things that you need to make time for, it is very fortunate that there are plenty of little ways to make time for them, even if you can only set aside a little bit of time every day. There are some really quick and easy ways to set aside that little bit of time in order to make sure that your partner knows that they are still the most important part of your life. Morning and Night Kisses The simplest thing you can do is be sure to give your partner a kiss good morning and one more at night. While this takes almost no time out of your day, it is the easiest and most meaningful way to show that you still care a lot […]