Netflix, Hulu, or Other: Which Streaming Video Service to Sign up For


We’re living in the age of instant gratification. We like our messages instant, our mail electronic and our video available to us via immediate internet streaming from the comfort of our own homes. We like it so much, in fact, that we have multiple providers to choose from now. It’s a nice problem to have, figuring out which of several versions of instant television we’d like beamed directly to us, but it’s still a decision to be made. Which service should you be using? The answer to that largely depends on what it is you’re looking for in a service provider. Below is a quick breakdown of some of the perks to each service so you can decide which one, or more than one, to buy a subscription for. Netflix Netflix is the most well known and easy to use out of all your options. Odds are good that if you own a bluray player or a gaming system it […]

Tips for Keeping Your Computer Running Smoothly


If you stop to think about it, it’s kind of scary just how reliant we’ve become on our computers and mobile devices. If most people were to lose access to either one, chances are very good that they’d be panicked, and for good reason. Most people use their computers and mobile devices to perform leisurely and mundane tasks, yes, but people also use them for serious things like filing their taxes, paying their bills, and managing their finances. When you’re not able to perform those things with the same kind of ease, it can get hectic and scary. Most people rely on their computers over their mobile devices for the important tasks, and that’s why it’s so important that their machines are always running smoothly. If they’re not and problems keep piling up unattended, chances are better than good that at some point, there’s going to be a serious issue that could have a severe negative impact on all the […]

Three Ways to Get People to Hate You in a MMORPG


While at their core MMOs are basically pretty simple games, some of them come with a pretty steep learning curve. Most of the time, however, the curve doesn’t come with the game itself—it’s more related with how to get along with the many, many other people that play. If you’ve been up until now a solo gamer and you’re not really familiar with how to play a game that centers around playing with other people, you may be at a loss. The same goes if the multiplayer games you’ve been playing have been mostly competitive first person shooters. While it’s not essential that you make nice with everyone you meat in MMOs, you may find that your gaming experience is very limited if you don’t put forth the effort to make just a couple friends. It’s not hard to get people to like you in MMOs, but it’s very, very easy to get people to hate you. For that reason, […]

Should You Get A Chromebook?


There are huge varieties of laptops and tablets out there to meet everyone’s needs. This year, you may be thinking it’s time to upgrade your old clunker to something a little more streamlined. If you’ve heard talk about Chromebooks and had a chance to glance at the price tag, you might be very interested indeed. Lightweight and designed for speedy internet access, a Chromebook can meet the needs for many who spend a large amount of their time and do a lot of work from the internet. But there are a few things you’ll need to prepare for and get adjusted to before you make the plunge. Have you ever used Google’s Chrome browser before? Do you use any heavy software that you won’t be able to fit into a Chromebook? How often do you Skype? Google doesn’t allow that Microsoft-owned program on their computers. Really weigh out the pros and cons of a Chromebook based on your situation before […]