How To Get Recognised For Free


While you can spend money promoting tweets, funding your AdWords campaigns and putting your logo on the back of a sports team, there are some ways to gain a bit of recognition that don’t require quite so much funding. Whether you can’t afford it right now, or if you want to try free recognition and see where it takes you, read on and see if there’s an option you’d never thought of before! Once you start with them, you’ll probably never stop again. Free advertising websites Whether your business is small and local or is working on a more national scale, free advertising websites can definitely be the answer. In the US, many people use Craigslist to look for services, and in the UK, Gumtree is another option. Most of these websites will let you advertise without charging you for it, though some may apply some restrictions, like not allowing you to enter a web address. This differs per website, […]

The Key to Avoiding the Friendzone


The friendzone is the dreaded place that most men go to romantically die. You’ve found a woman that you really like, but somehow along the way you became more of a brother or girlfriend than a prospective mate. How did that happen? It’s a subtle change that most guys don’t even notice. But truth be told it happens all within the first date. That’s right, you’re behind and she’s already decided that you can see her naked because it’s like you’re one of the girls. Forget that. The next time you have a date set up follow these steps and keep yourself out of the friendzone. Declare Your Intent Asking her out for a cup of coffee sometime seems like a smooth, casual way to ask her out. That’s great, except for you’re not asking her out on a date. While you may think that your intentions sound crystal clear, in actuality you’re just asking her to hang out. Who […]

How Does Diet Affect Your Complexion?


It’s true that what you eat can have a big effect on what your skin looks like. What causes a break out? Oily Skin? Black heads? A better question is what can we change in our diets in order to prevent it all together? With all the things clogging up our food and our pores these days, what can we do with our diets to keep our faces as clean and clear as we would like them to be? The first step to changing your diet for clearer skin is to take stock of what you are eating already. You have to know what you are changing before you can change it. Let’s start with how often do you eat? Is it every couple of hours or is it only big meals every once or twice a day? Studies have shown that eating small meals every few hours leads to a more even blood sugar and insulin levels throughout your […]

Three Ways to Get People to Hate You in a MMORPG


While at their core MMOs are basically pretty simple games, some of them come with a pretty steep learning curve. Most of the time, however, the curve doesn’t come with the game itself—it’s more related with how to get along with the many, many other people that play. If you’ve been up until now a solo gamer and you’re not really familiar with how to play a game that centers around playing with other people, you may be at a loss. The same goes if the multiplayer games you’ve been playing have been mostly competitive first person shooters. While it’s not essential that you make nice with everyone you meat in MMOs, you may find that your gaming experience is very limited if you don’t put forth the effort to make just a couple friends. It’s not hard to get people to like you in MMOs, but it’s very, very easy to get people to hate you. For that reason, […]

The 4 Deadly Sins of ATM Fees and How to Avoid Them


Incurring lots of ATM fees is one of the biggest wastes of money that you can fall victim to. Banks depend on a lack of planning and convenience to charge these fees. The amount you pay to take money out of an ATM that doesn’t belong to your bank is also increased, because you’re also paying the company that owns the ATM a fee as well. In many cases, if you take out $20 and you pay $5 in fees, you’re actually only getting 75 percent of what you have. When you start to add up how many times this happens, as well, you realize how much money is being wasted. However, this can all be prevented with a little planning that isn’t hard to do. Once you’re savvy about ATM fees, you’ll start saving a lot of money you didn’t even know was slowly being drained out of your bank account. Here are four deadly sins of ATM fees […]

Five Unexpected Pros to Losing Weight


Obviously any weight loss is good weight loss, but a lot of people write it off as too much of a burden. That’s not true at all! Losing weight can be the best thing to ever happen to you in every area of life. Most people don’t consider that when they give up on losing weight, but there are countless ways that you’ll feel better when your weight loss goals start becoming a reality. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get on your feet and stop dreaming about losing weight when you could be doing it for real instead. Better Skin Once you cut out fatty foods from your diet, you’re going to start seeing immediate results. Sure, your body will get more toned, but your skin will start clearing up as well. People who go on diets, especially raw or natural diets, report their skin being better than ever before. Do you have stubborn acne that […]

Cash or Card? Which is Better to Use at the Store


There is a timeless question of cash or credit and there are no shortages of opinion on that count. Depending on who you are, you might prefer to use cash over plastic, and vice versa. There are plenty of different theories on the merits of both cash and card, but only you can decide what is better for you to use. Here is a quick and easy briefing over the pros and cons of using cash and two different kinds of plastic, and whether or not you need to have one or the other or maybe even both. Cash Using paper has a lot of advantages For one thing budgeting is a lot easier when you are holding the amount of money that you have to spend or in your wallet. If you have trouble with spending too much, only bringing cash money to the supermarket or department store. Another benefit of cash is that it is untraceable. If you […]

Quick Ways to Make Time for Your Significant Other


Life can be so hectic sometimes that it can seem impossible to be able to make time for anything, but especially for your significant other. Since that is probably one of the most important things that you need to make time for, it is very fortunate that there are plenty of little ways to make time for them, even if you can only set aside a little bit of time every day. There are some really quick and easy ways to set aside that little bit of time in order to make sure that your partner knows that they are still the most important part of your life. Morning and Night Kisses The simplest thing you can do is be sure to give your partner a kiss good morning and one more at night. While this takes almost no time out of your day, it is the easiest and most meaningful way to show that you still care a lot […]

Should You Get A Chromebook?


There are huge varieties of laptops and tablets out there to meet everyone’s needs. This year, you may be thinking it’s time to upgrade your old clunker to something a little more streamlined. If you’ve heard talk about Chromebooks and had a chance to glance at the price tag, you might be very interested indeed. Lightweight and designed for speedy internet access, a Chromebook can meet the needs for many who spend a large amount of their time and do a lot of work from the internet. But there are a few things you’ll need to prepare for and get adjusted to before you make the plunge. Have you ever used Google’s Chrome browser before? Do you use any heavy software that you won’t be able to fit into a Chromebook? How often do you Skype? Google doesn’t allow that Microsoft-owned program on their computers. Really weigh out the pros and cons of a Chromebook based on your situation before […]

Why Buying Store Brands Can Save You Money


When you make your trips out to the supermarket, are you spending a lot of money that you should instead be saving because of your diehard brand loyalty? Have you ever even considered buying the store brand of a product instead of the more expensive one with a fancier label? Oftentimes, that fancy label is the only difference between the store brand version of a product and the one with name recognition. If you haven’t been buying store brand products, or if you have been leery of trying them out because you worry that they’re of inferior quality, then you should be considering all of the benefits and reasons to switch over to generic products. You’ll be surprised at how much money you save, and how little you’ll even notice the difference once you finally make the switch. With so many store brand items lining the shelves of every major grocery retailer you could choose from, you could be missing […]