Pinterest Décor That Will Save You Money


It seems like everyone has a Pinterest account these days. We see all kinds of crafty ideas on there, though not all of them are as simple to do as they look. Simple or not, there are plenty of ideas there on how to make your home look great on a shoestring budget if you already have a decently stocked craft room, and it can be a great resource for decorating your place when money’s stretched thin. Here are a few of our favorites plucked from the boards of Pinterest.

Thrift Store Tray Makeover

Use old book pages and give an old tray a new look!
Use old book pages and give an old tray a new look!
Thrift stores can be a great resource for cheap décor, but sometimes the things we find there are a little, well, tacky. Fear not, because with this DIY we’ll discover a way to cover up an old design to perk up a serving tray you bought for almost nothing. Using some mod podge and scrap book paper, measure the area of the bottom of your tray and cut your scrap book pages accordingly. You can do this in even squares or in layered patterns; the options are endless and based entirely on how you want the end product to look. Before we do any gluing though you’ll want to lightly sand the bottom of the tray so the glue has something of the grain to hold onto as it solidifies.

Now, take the tray outside to a well ventilated area and paint it to match your décor. Be aware that if the tray is currently darker than the color you’d like it to be, you may need to give it several coats. Always wait for it to fully dry before adding another layer. Once the paint is dry, start gluing those scrap book pages to the bottom of the tray and let it dry completely. You’ll want to add some sort of protective surface to the paper, however, to keep cup rings from damaging it. Pinterest suggests a resin mix, which also leaves a nice gloss when all’s said and done. Whatever you choose to use, let it fully harden before you use, usually for about twenty four hours. Then enjoy your new breakfast tray!

Easy Cabinet Updates

Update your cabinets & brighten up your kitchen
Update your cabinets & brighten up your kitchen
Updating your cabinets can be one of the most inexpensive ways to brighten up your kitchen. Changing the knobs out and painting the frames are great ideas, but don’t be afraid to add some patterns you can roll on contact paper or glue on scrap booking paper to the inner bevel of your cabinets simply and easily. For a more open look you can remove the cabinet doors entirely and either paint or layer pattered wallpaper across the back of your cabinets for a nice decorative pop.

How To Gild A Mirror

3mb952szWe’re back at the thrift store again and this time we’ve found a mirror who’s shape is amazing but the frame itself? Not so much. Thankfully with the help of a Pinterest post we can take it home and gild it ourselves, covering up that ugly tattered paint job and restoring it to something worth hanging on our walls. It’s actually as simple as buying gilding paint from your local craft store, a brush, and taking the time to be careful with the edges. With a careful hand so you don’t accidentally paint the mirror itself, or after covering the edges of the mirror with painters tape to avoid the same issue, brush on a layer of your gilding paint. In most instances the paint is thick enough that one layer should suffice. All that’s left to do is let it dry outside overnight and your freshly gilded mirror is repaired and ready to hang.
How To Age Brass

There are any number of reasons why this might be useful. Maybe you’re looking to get a nice antique or vintage look to some fixtures, drawer pulls, or even a table side lamp. Thankfully aging brass is quick and easy – it takes about five minutes. Purchase a project called brass ager, available in craft stores or online for less than $10. If your brass piece has a layer of lacquer on it you’ll want to make sure you remove that first with some acetone. All you need to do is pour the brass ager in a bowl large enough to hold your item and drop it in for ten seconds. Remove, rinse, and use!