Curbing Your Cravings


We’ve all been there – the hardest part of sticking to any diet is staving off the cravings that creep in and threaten to ruin your hard work. Especially if you’re on a very strict diet, these can be nearly impossible to avoid. If you were used to eating certain things before you were on the diet, especially unhealthy things, then your body is going to keep craving them even after you give them up. Like any addiction, finding alternatives takes time, effort, and patience. There’s no way to get rid of your cravings for good in a day, but these three things will definitely help you on your way to be a master craving killer. Distractions Cravings tend to creep up on you the most when you’re sitting around doing nothing, so keep yourself busy. Whenever the desire to start snacking comes knocking, that means it’s time for you to get moving. Does your kitchen need cleaned? How about […]