Netflix, Hulu, or Other: Which Streaming Video Service to Sign up For


We’re living in the age of instant gratification. We like our messages instant, our mail electronic and our video available to us via immediate internet streaming from the comfort of our own homes. We like it so much, in fact, that we have multiple providers to choose from now. It’s a nice problem to have, figuring out which of several versions of instant television we’d like beamed directly to us, but it’s still a decision to be made. Which service should you be using? The answer to that largely depends on what it is you’re looking for in a service provider. Below is a quick breakdown of some of the perks to each service so you can decide which one, or more than one, to buy a subscription for. Netflix Netflix is the most well known and easy to use out of all your options. Odds are good that if you own a bluray player or a gaming system it […]