Pinterest Décor That Will Save You Money


It seems like everyone has a Pinterest account these days. We see all kinds of crafty ideas on there, though not all of them are as simple to do as they look. Simple or not, there are plenty of ideas there on how to make your home look great on a shoestring budget if you already have a decently stocked craft room, and it can be a great resource for decorating your place when money’s stretched thin. Here are a few of our favorites plucked from the boards of Pinterest. Thrift Store Tray Makeover Thrift stores can be a great resource for cheap décor, but sometimes the things we find there are a little, well, tacky. Fear not, because with this DIY we’ll discover a way to cover up an old design to perk up a serving tray you bought for almost nothing. Using some mod podge and scrap book paper, measure the area of the bottom of your tray […]

The 4 Deadly Sins of ATM Fees and How to Avoid Them


Incurring lots of ATM fees is one of the biggest wastes of money that you can fall victim to. Banks depend on a lack of planning and convenience to charge these fees. The amount you pay to take money out of an ATM that doesn’t belong to your bank is also increased, because you’re also paying the company that owns the ATM a fee as well. In many cases, if you take out $20 and you pay $5 in fees, you’re actually only getting 75 percent of what you have. When you start to add up how many times this happens, as well, you realize how much money is being wasted. However, this can all be prevented with a little planning that isn’t hard to do. Once you’re savvy about ATM fees, you’ll start saving a lot of money you didn’t even know was slowly being drained out of your bank account. Here are four deadly sins of ATM fees […]