How to Tell Your Partner You Don’t like Their Idea of Romance


Candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach, watching the sunset together, paired with the essential red roses. These are all the staples of romantic dates. Most of you would have been on dates like this, or have planned dates like these for your partners. If you enjoyed these kind of dates, then good for you! Your partner’s efforts paid off. But what if you detest the cliché ideas of romance; of red roses and diamond rings and sunsets at the beach? It is hard, to break it to your partner that what they like romantically isn’t doing a thing for you. The situation may be reversed: you like roses and sunsets, but your partner’s idea of a romantic night is sitting at home in their underwear while watching Criminal Minds. How do you let your significant other know that you don’t like their idea of romance? We have a few tips. Tell Them about It This seems really obvious, but […]