Three Ways to Get People to Hate You in a MMORPG


While at their core MMOs are basically pretty simple games, some of them come with a pretty steep learning curve. Most of the time, however, the curve doesn’t come with the game itself—it’s more related with how to get along with the many, many other people that play. If you’ve been up until now a solo gamer and you’re not really familiar with how to play a game that centers around playing with other people, you may be at a loss. The same goes if the multiplayer games you’ve been playing have been mostly competitive first person shooters. While it’s not essential that you make nice with everyone you meat in MMOs, you may find that your gaming experience is very limited if you don’t put forth the effort to make just a couple friends. It’s not hard to get people to like you in MMOs, but it’s very, very easy to get people to hate you. For that reason, you need to be aware of the easiest ways you can get people to dislike you in this type of game so that you can avoid doing so.

Beg for Money

Don't Beg experienced players for money
Don’t Beg experienced players for money
Getting nice things in most MMOs means you’re going to have to earn money. Earning the kind of money you’re going to need will probably require a lot of effort. This can be daunting, especially if you’re just starting out as a brand new player to the game. For this reason it may be tempting for you to start begging other, more experience players for gold because obviously they can spare it, right?

This is a bad idea. For starters, keep in mind that all these other players had to work hard to make their money, many of them without any help from anybody. This means that they’re going to value their in-game gold more than you’d imagine and likely won’t take kindly to somebody begging for the handouts that they never got.

Begging for money is also going to alienate people because it’s irritating to have someone follow you around in game asking repeatedly for charity. People have more important things to do in the game than donate their wealth to new players, and if you persist you’re only going to get yourself put on the ignore list.

Be a Sore Loser

Being a sore loser, makes gaming less enjoyable for everyone
Being a sore loser, makes gaming less enjoyable for everyone
PvP is a large part of most MMOs, and it’s a lot of fun to participate in. However, an inevitable part of PvPing is losing matches every now and then. While nobody particularly enjoys losing, being a sore loser about it makes it even less enjoyable for everyone else. If you’re the guy who’s constantly insulting everyone else on the team because you think it’s their fault that you’re losing, you’re going to either end up being reamed out by your irate team members, being ignored, or both. Don’t expect people to want to play with you if this is the way you behave, which can make it tough for you to find PvP partners.

Be a Chat Troll

trollThere are certain chat channels in every MMO that people tend to flock to talk, insult, and joke with one another. However, these are also the chat channels that most trolls congregate in in order to fulfill their urges to irritate absolutely everyone. If you think it’s funny to sit in a chat channel and consistently insult everyone else in the channel, you’re going to end up making enemies. You may not think it matters, but consider the fact that some of the people you’re insulting may have items you want to buy at some point. If you’ve spent 20 minutes insulting them or their mother, you just screwed yourself out of an in-game item you could really use.