Why Buying Store Brands Can Save You Money


When you make your trips out to the supermarket, are you spending a lot of money that you should instead be saving because of your diehard brand loyalty? Have you ever even considered buying the store brand of a product instead of the more expensive one with a fancier label? Oftentimes, that fancy label is the only difference between the store brand version of a product and the one with name recognition. If you haven’t been buying store brand products, or if you have been leery of trying them out because you worry that they’re of inferior quality, then you should be considering all of the benefits and reasons to switch over to generic products. You’ll be surprised at how much money you save, and how little you’ll even notice the difference once you finally make the switch. With so many store brand items lining the shelves of every major grocery retailer you could choose from, you could be missing out on hundreds of dollars of grocery savings every month.

You’re Never Sacrificing Quality for Cost

You aren't sacrificing quality by buying store brands
You aren’t sacrificing quality by buying store brands
Here’s the great thing about pretty much all store brands: they come straight from the manufacturers of the same products that sit right next to them on the shelf. The store you’re shopping at usually has a production agreement in place with the makers of those products, and will frequently just design the packaging and handle the marketing, which is why they are so much cheaper. There are no shortcuts being taken with the creation of the product, and no fillers or other additives that you need to worry about. There may sometimes be slight differences in taste when buying store brand food products, but for most, such as pasta and rice, there will be no practical difference. Other great products to buy store brand include ketchup, breakfast cereals, and especially sodas. If you’re a soda drinker, you won’t even notice the difference when you switch to store brand cans, except the difference in price! You aren’t sacrificing anything by buying store brands, but you will be saving a lot of money.

Generic Cleaning Products Are Nothing to Be Afraid Of

genericFoodstuffs aren’t the only things that supermarkets carry in store brands; you can find lots of cleaning products, too. Everything from dish soap, to laundry detergent, to simple bleach can be frequently be found on the shelves in a less expensive alternative form. Since the basic components of these products are pretty much all the same, you can rest assured that they’re going to be just as effective as their nationally-known counterparts. They’re going to get the job done just as well for a lot less money. Why would you spend an extra two or three dollars on a gallon of bleach when you could get it for much less? Bleach is bleach, after all. You may have a slightly smaller selection of scented products to choose from than if you were buying other brands, but this is a fine sacrifice to make in exchange for the savings you’ll be seeing each time you buy generic soaps.

Over the Counter Medicines Are a Great Deal

Save big buying over the counter medicines
Save big buying over the counter medicines
If you have allergies, or frequently suffer from headaches, you know that the cost of buying over the counter medicines can really add up over time. If you’re scared that buying generic medicines will not work as well as the brand names, there’s a simple test you can do: read the labels! Grab a box of the name brand medicine you usually buy for yourself, and a box of the store-brand generic, and read the list of active ingredients. Chances are you’ll find that they contain the exact same things. Since there’s no way to alter the efficacy of those ingredients, you can be confident in knowing that they’ll work just as well as what you’ve been buying for a fraction of the cost. Some stores even run weekly discounts on their store-branded medications.